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Meet Your Host!

Margaret Dukony

Margaret is the founder of Blessedluv, a thriving UK hair company that supplies Raw hair and Lace wigs. Blessedluv has not only thriving for more than two decades. What makes Blessedluv truly unique is that it is the only Black owned UK hair company with overseas factories.

Margaret's is originally from Nigeria and came to the UK when only 5 years old. She was raised by a single mother, she had to overcome obstacles and built a successful business. She stands as living proof that financial security is attainable for everyone.

During this event, Margaret will guide you on how to fast-track your journey by avoiding the mistakes she has encountered. You will discover the secrets to collapse time and achieve an entire year's worth of sales in just one day.

Margaret believes in putting God at the centre of your business and your life. Her principles are universal even if you do not share the same beliefs. You can benefit from this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the most successful hair entrepreneurs in the UK.