Blessedluv's Hair Grade?

 Blessedluv's Hair Grade

The grade of Blessedluv hair

Blesedluv's hair  grade is simply the thickness from the top to the end.  Therefore, our hair is divided to 3 different quality grades: single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn.

Single Drawn Blessedluv Hair

Single drawn hair has 45-50% strands in the same length, the rest is mixed with shorter hair. You will easily notice that a single hair bundle is full in the top and thinner as you go down at the end. Blessedluv does not supply this hair type. 

Double Drawn Blessedluv hair

Double drawn Blessedluv hair has 60-70% strands in the same length, the rest is mixed. This is the most preferred Vietnamese hair grade due to the good quality and reasonable price, especially African clients. 

Super Double Drawn hair

Super double drawn Vietnamese hair has 80-90% of hair is in the same length and is considered the best quality Vietnamese hair bundle. The fullest of the hair also comes with an expensive price. European customers are very interested in this type of Vietnamese hair because of its high affordability and top priority of quality.

There is also another grade for VIP customers looking for a FULL length Vietnamese hair. This VIP hair consists of up to 99% hair strands in the same length with the most expensive price. Therefore, this grade is not so popular for wholesalers and made for special orders only.

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