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Genuine UV Light Hair Tool Kit - ON SALE PRICE

Genuine UV Light Hair Tool Kit - ON SALE PRICE

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Introducing the UV Light Hair Extension Tool – your solution for a lightweight, damage-free, and undetectable hair transformation! With this revolutionary system, say goodbye to the heaviness of sew-in weaves or the damage caused by keratin bonds. Our UV Light system features the perfect adhesive that matches your hair, ensuring a small and secure attachment even in sparse hair areas.

UV Light hair refers to an innovative hair extension installation technique that utilises ultraviolet (UV) light to seamlessly blend extensions with natural hair. Unlike conventional methods such as sew-in weaves or clip-ins, UV Light hair extensions provide a more authentic look by simulating the appearance of hair growing directly from the scalp.

Ready to elevate your hair game with UV Light. 

 What you will receive with your V Light Machine Kit:

  1. V-Light hair extension machine
  2. 1 bottle of V-Light dedicated glue

       3.V-Light remove machine

  1. a bottle of glue remover

We provide transparent glue and black glue to meet different clients' need.

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